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Nickle City Classics

Custom Craft Boats

Project Y

This page is here to share ideas and facts about finding the location of the Custom Craft factory and any other information about the factory or employees. Any sources of information out there can be shared here.

Current owner: George Andross, Contact Andrew Andross

Here is a little site I've used to come up with some personal information on people:

I've searched: Canazzi, Andross, Brobeil,

Canazzi formed a DBA with Bobeil in 1940, and again in 1945, this was for Marine mart, and had nothing to do with Custom Craft according to his son. Fran Brobeil Jr. has no info on the company.

Here is a list of company officers:

Hank Donald Canazzi - Owner

Jane Canazzi - Wife

Daniel Daley - VP

Norman M. Badger - President - 1964

John G. Kraus - Executive VP - 1962,1963

J. T. Clark - VP Production - 1963

Stephen B. Elggren - President Nova Equity, Chairman, CEO 10/2/63

Daley - President

Canazzi - VP Engeneering

Aldo F. Sand - Treasurer - interesting search here:

Mark S. Hughes - Secretary


1700 Niagara Street - Main offices - Manufacturing

1709 Niagara street - 1959 - Upholstery shop

1713 Niagara Street - 1962 - Upholstery shop

275 Dearborn Street - vacant land -slated for manufacturing

135 Watts Ave - Manufacturing - storage ?

622 Northumberland Street - Manufacturing - post 1964

former Owens - Illinois plant - building torn down to make room for road

Canazzi obit:

News Library - Search Results


Article 1 of 3 found.

Published on January 22, 1994

186{WORDCNT:-0} words

A private memorial service at sea for H. Donald Canazzi, 83, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., a retired Buffalo boat manufacturer, will be held in Fort Lauderdale at a time to be announced.

Canazzi, a native of Buffalo, died Jan. 13, 1994, in Fort Lauderdale after a long illness. He was a graduate of Lafayette High School, where he played basketball, and he attended Columbia University.

During World War II, he served as a lieutenant in the Navy on submarine-chasing duty in the Caribbean.

Also found the address for him in Ft Lauderdale FLA

There seems to be some confusion on this as I've talked to quite a few people recently that claimed he just passed away recently, never the less..


1. What was the relationship between Custom Craft and Munro?

2. What was CCs operations in Canada?

I was looking at and they have brochures from "Custom Craft Rockland Canada" from 1964 and "Munro Boats London Ontario" 1956, 1957, 1959, 1960, 1964 as well as later years. Would any of these be worth trying to obtain. (they are expensive, but might be able to negotiate bulk price)



1. Not really sure exactly what the relationship was, except that Munro was the Canadian branch of Custom Craft. I believe that they were just the authorized Canadian seller of CC. I don't think that they were ever made up there, but I could be wrong on that. I would also like to know more about the Lane boat company. It appears they made knock offs of some famous American boats, either with or with out permission. It seems that Munro continued selling and or making boats after CC's demise. It would be interesting to see what they had, but at $25 for a copied page from a brochure, that's a little steep.

2. Pretty much just Munro as far as I know.


The cover of the 1960 Brochure on Fiberglassics lists Munro as "Canadian Manufacturer". I'm seeing if I can get a bulk discount on the brochures.



If you want, you can use my supply of Custom Craft Brochures as a bargaining tool, also I can put a link for him on my site. We should be able to get them for free with the offer of CC brochures to trade.



I got a response from


Thanks for your email.

The 1964 Custom Craft brochure is for Custom Craft Marine Canada Limited of Rockland Ontario. It is an 8-page brochure that shows the hull design and all the different models with specs including a Flying Ray 16, Master Devil Ray 18, Delta Ray 18, Sun Ray 17, a Devil Ray 14, Sportsman 14, Sting Ray 15, Sea Ray 16, Tiger Ray 16, De-bon-air 14, Champlain 14 as well as cartoppers, canoes, sailboats and punts.

The only Munro brochure that mentions Custom Craft is in the 1959 brochure. (The others are probably copies of the Custom Craft Boats but without giving Custom Craft any ink.) Both company names are printed on the back of the 1959 brochure: Custom Craft Buffalo 7, NY and Munro Boats Motors Ltd. London, Ontario. The 1959 brochure was printed in Buffalo. This is a black and white 6-page brochure that shows most of the above listed boats.

The 1959 Munro Brochure has different boat models both names and appearance.

The 1960 Munro Brochure is just a black and white typed list of models that is a combination of both companies boats.

Subsequent years of Munro Boats appears to be some Custom Craft boats, some with Custom Craft model names and some with different names.

We don't have anything on the history of the two companies.

They are also aware of the CC page. I don't know if I can use the leverage of the brochures since he may already be aware of them on line. They said they would give me a bulk discount, however. There are a maximum of 6 brochures that could be of interest. I think the CC would be a definite. Of the 5 Munros, I don't know how many would be worthwhile. Thoughts?

Also, I e-mailed the director of the historical society in Salem, Va to see if they had any record of a CC factory in town. That might help determine once and for all if Salem was a manufacturing site or a sales office. I haven't heard anything back yet.

Hey Todd, That's great. Nice job.

Never heard of Custom Craft of Rockland Ontario. That would be an interesting acquisition. the typed page would be interesting too. He may be aware of the brochures, but I don't believe he can copy them. I have the high quality original scans in bit format for high quality copies. I can forward these to him via email or on disk. he can check the quality of the original on line, the copies would be much higher quality reproductions.

Found another lead on a guy who's dad used to work at Custom Craft. Also heard that all those buildings in the back at 135 and 133 Watts were CC manufacturing plants. Don't know why they would have moved if they had all that space, unless it was leased.


Judging from "Wild Bill"s emblem, Salem, VA was a manufacturing facility, not just a sales office. I wonder if the same holds true for Ft Lauderdale? Buffalo/Salem/Ft. Lauderdale are all noted together on the brochures. I'll see if I can find something out.

Well, I did find this on a Custom Craft Marine search:

Custom Craft Marine

2703 Rosselle St, Jacksonville, FL 32205-5688

Contact Phone: (904) 981-0078

Current business at this location:

A & G Machine Shop Service. 2703 Rosselle Street, # 200A, Jacksonville, FL 32205. (904) 981-0078.





2701 Rosselle Street

Custom Craft Marine Inc

2703 Rosselle St

Jacksonville, FL 32205

Phone : (904) 381-1800

Blue Buddha Exotic Foods Inc

2703 Rosselle St

Jacksonville, FL 32205

Phone : (904) 389-6019

Blue Buddha Exotic Foods Inc

Tax records search goes back to 2000:

In Charge: MIKE T STOWERS In Charge Phone Number: 904 389 6019



Well this is certainly very interesting:

This gives us two more names:

John T Clark, the brother in-law that owns Clark Craft, and the attorney, Francis B Brogan.


Here is the web site for Clark Craft boats:

Apparently they are still in business.

Also, Canazzi's address in FL could be a connection to the FL on the brochure. The Custom Craft Marine in Jacksonville may be a dealer. There is also a CCM in Oregon.

I also did a little digging on the brochures. The 1960 brochure mentions Buffalo, CC of Fort Lauderdale and CC of California in Whittier. 1961 - Buffalo, Ft Lauderdale and Salem VA. 1964 specs - Buffalo, Tonawnada, Salem, and Milan Italy (?). Those designations were called "plants". On page 7 of the 1963 borchure, there is a footer on the letterhead that I couldn't read, which may list other locations. Since we have a record of a boat with a CC of VA on it, it sounds like a good assumption that these are factories.

In the 1963 borchure, there was a letter addressed to Daniel Daley that listed him as President of CC. Thoughts on that?

It would be nice to get info on boats built prior to 1960 (including hull numbers) to see what was said there.

Has anyone talked to a member of the Canazzi family?


Dailey is listed under company officers above.

As far as contacts, it's just us. Jane Canazzi is apparently still around, she just pulled a building permit in 2008, and I don't see anything listed under death notices. One of us could also contact the attorney, he may know more than anyone else, although it would probably take another attorney to get the info out of him. ;)

OK, So I guess it is pretty easy finding a phone number, I guess I'll be doing a phone interview:

Jane E Canazzi

610 Solar Isle Dr Fr

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

(954) 462-1877

East Coast Licensee Custom Craft of Virginia, Salem VA. European Licensee Bundy S.P.A., Milan, Italy

Quick search yields this:

Diversification: 1959-88

Shortly after assuming his father's title, Wendell Jr. bought out the Lionel Corporation's share in a marine outboard motor project being developed by Italy's Innocenti Corporation. Explaining the venture to Business Week years later, Anderson admitted that "we'd been looking for several years for diversified firms outside our line." In the early 1960s Bundy Marine U.S.A and a new Italian subsidiary, Bundy Marine S.p.A., were thus formed to produce Bundy's outboard engine for the U.S. and European pleasure-boating market.

And this:

"Tube Maker Launches a Boating Venture," Business Week, January 21, 1961, pp. 30-32.

Worth checking into, I would say.


Fish...let me quote what Peter Hunn wrote about Bundy in his "Old Outboard Book":

"The Detroit-based Bundy Tubing Company imported a line of outboards from its Milan, Italy subsidiary. Bundy motors were actively marketed in the United States from about 1961 to 1964. I have heard tales of brand-new/old stock Bundy 40-horse outboards (complete with fuel tank and a few spare parts) being offered in a Connecticut marina as late as the mid-1980s. Although clearance-sale priced comparable to a fishing motor, these particular "never been run" rigs drew little more than customer conversation." Don't know what value this is to you but it is rather interesting... You might go to to see if there's any worthwhile info to be had there. Walt


Board Approves Lot Subdivision MOUNTAINSIDE ? An application by the C. Macaluso Construction Co. of 14 Grouse lane asking for approval to subdivide a two-acre tract at Summit lane and New Providence road was spproved by the Planning Board Tuesday night. Bundy Marine, a division of Bundy Tubing of Detroit, Mich, was permitted to have a salesroom and warehouse at Route 22 and Sheffield avenue. They will sell imported Italian outboard motors. An application for a subdivision was approved by the board after It had been referred back to them by the council for lack of data on sewers in the area. The application had been submitted l>y

the Bender Realty Corp. of Union.


Here's an interesting tidbit, a 1965 Custom Craft ad. How do we explain this?

I think they had all the advertising in place before they went out of business. I know they had the add campaign for '65 all set in '64. They used that slogan in some '64 literature. As far as whether it was in circulation in '65? That's a good question.


New map mark found from '95 of 135 watts:


New Info 7-10-09

We will be getting original documents from Jane Canazzi to copy for the site. They will be sent up by a relative of a prominent collector in the area, and copied and returned. Jane has one of every document relating to Custom Craft and it's operations. This is a very exiting development. I'll probably have to take a day off from work to copy all the information. It will all be posted of the website when we are done.

Also, progress is being made on a 50 year custom craft reunion to take place in Buffalo in conjunction with next year's ACBS show. More on this as it becomes available.

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